The Peninsula Hotel and Casino

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The Peninsula Hotel and Casino is a development concept associated with Half Moon Bay Retreat. Perhaps the most valuable tract of waterfront property within a hundred miles of the Houston Texas metroplex is located on a 7.85 acre peninsula jutting into Waterwood Bay between the world famous Waterwood National Golf Course and Waterwood Marina.

Tens of millions of dollars in revenue that could support Texas Schools and Texas Teachers is lost to casinos in Louisiana and Oklahoma, not to mention the additional tens of millions of dollars siphoned off to Las Vegas.

If the Texas Legislature, many members of which gamble, would license a five star hotel and casino in San Jacinto County, over a billion dollars in investment would occur virtually overnight, raising one of the poorest counties in America up by the bootstraps and helping to relieve the tax burdens of the citizens of Texas.

Ten additional adjacent acres has been set aside for a forested condo development project.

The peninsula will never be damaged by blight as it is bordered by not only the golf course and the marina but also by the 131 acre Westernmost Longleaf Pine Preserve and across Waterwood Bay by the world's only River Otter Sanctuary on the 716 acre Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral.

George H. Russell

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